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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

These Idahoans have a sense of humor

Officially I'm an Idahoan--that's what we're called now I guess. For some reason though I was thinking I'd be an Idaheidihoan--my 4th grade teacher probably still calls me Heidi Ho. She's great.

Anyway, back to the great flood. I've seen pictures of billboards and signs that gave a hint at the feelings of those flooded out. "Wanted: Dam Engineer"

And a float in the bicentennial prade--"Welcome to Wrecksburg. Designed and landscaped by the department of the Inferior and the Bureau of Wreck-claimataion."

But this guy has them all trumped. His is a bit more permanent.

It's right down the road from where we live. I've heard several times from several different people that he built it after the flood as a poke at the whole situation. Apparently he lives there quite happily. It is pretty neat to look at and I smile every time I drive by it.

Crazy Idahoans.

I kinda' like 'em.

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