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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Babywearing at VBS!

This week at one of the local churches we've tried out is having their annual summer session of VBS--Vacation Bible School. We missed Monday, but we've made it the other three days this week and have plans to make it tomorrow, too.

Technically the age range they accept starts at age five. Calla is only three. And since the move, my kids have been a little stir-crazy. And Calla needed to go. Plus, I don't have anything pressing that I can do for the three hours Grace would be at VBS. So I asked them if they needed some help. In my experience VBS sessions are always in need of an extra hand or two. They did need help. And they didn't even ask me to leave Calla in the car. Phew!

Now, what to do with Violet? Oh! I think I have just the thing.

In fact, for the last three days, Violet has gotten her morning nap at VBS. Even with 35 kids running around being kids. And kids are loud.


Most of the time.

You know . . .

And everyone thinks Violet is pretty cute.

I tend to agree with them. But I'm certain they wouldn't think she was quite as cute if she wasn't so content.

As an added bonus, there were teen girl helpers. Teen girl helpers who are old enough to babysit. And almost old enough to drive. And I got to watch said teen girls with their group of kids. And PRESTO! I now have three teenage babysitter prospects! Woot!!!

Life is good.

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