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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ducks!!! They are growing like crazy!

Guest blogger Grace is here again to tell you all about her duck adventure.  We've been having so much fun with these crazy birds. 


My seven ducks that we ordered are between three and four weeks old.  This is a picture of two of my ducks when we got them. 

This is a pictures of me and one of my ducks when it was three weeks old.  

The ducks grew a lot in those three weeks. 

This is a picture of my ducks when Circles was a few days old. 

The other ducks decided Circles is a part of their flock even though he is smaller.  I think the other ducks thought that he looked enough like them that he was okay.

I think Circles is a he.  But we don't know yet. 

When it is warm enough we go outside and give the ducks play time.  We made a little pen out of hay bales and we put a tub of water in it so they could play in the water.  It was too deep for Circles, so he swam.

They like to chew on the grass and splash in the water.  They are fun to watch.

In this picture you can see Circle's webbed feet. 

We play with them so they can get used to us and when I show them they won't go crazy.  I like my ducks a lot. ( I took the pictures of Circles swimming.)