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Monday, June 1, 2009

It's 11:20 pm

And everyone in the house is asleep. Except me. Why? Because I am a night person trapped in the world of morning people.

I married a morning person. My husband loves mornings. To him it's the best time of the day. He's up and at it early enough to watch the sun rise. If breakfast happens after 9:00, he comments that it's lunch time and rolls his eyes.

Then there's me. And the other half of the world, really. People like me who would rather sleep until about 8:30 or so and then go about their business most of the day and into the night. Far into the night. Because that's when it's quiet and I can function.

Early mornings actually make me ill. When we flew to Oregon last week, our flight time required that I get up at 4:45am. I knew I was in trouble. I felt like I wanted to vomit until about 11:00. It's just how my body works.

The world commends people who get up at the crack of dawn and get busy. I'm not sure why morning people rule the world. Maybe because they are the first at it every day. Maybe because they are the loudest, especially in the morning when I'm still trying to get my wits about me. But somehow people like me are labeled as lazy. I'm not lazy. I can accomplish quite a lot in a day. Quite a lot.

So, for all you morning people out there, I don't hate you. I promise I don't hate you. But could you PLEASE understand that my body does not function like yours. And sleeping until 8:30 in the morning does NOT make me lazy. Early bird catches the worm, sure. But the night owl does eats fine as well. It just happens when the early birds are done for the day.

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Sara said...

I hear ya! I would sleep 'til 8:30 and stay up until midnight or one if I could. Unfortunately, until these past 3 weeks, I had to get up at 4:45 every morning to get to leave for work by 6:15. Ugh. I hate being forced into a lifestyle I'm not cut out for.