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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Babywearing and airport security

I don't know if I just got lucky, if I was smart, or if it's just the way it is. We flew to Portland from Salt Lake City and back last week. That required us (me and three little girls and all our stuff) to go through security twice.

The first time I was wearing Violet in a shorty tied rebozo style. No rings, which is good for avoiding metal detectors detecting metal, which could cause a delay and all that fun stuff--with three little girls and a mama and all their stuff. The sweet lady of a TSA employee said with a smile, "I'm just going to feel under this knot. Is that okay?" Of course I said yes. And then she smiled, motioned me on through, and I told her thank you very much and have a fabulous day with a big smile and we went on our merry way to grandma's house

The second time I decided to try a mei tai. A Silly Goose to be exact. (Imagine that.) And what do you know, she didn't even blink an eye. Just waved me on through with a smile after I didn't set off the metal detector and my kids smiled and waved at her.

Both times I was waved through by a lady. Both times I was smiling and happy. Both times I had three girls who were happy and well behaved and pretty darn cute. Both times I went on through without a hitch. Obviously it is possible to get through security without having to take the baby off. Try it. Maybe find the one who looks most motherly/grandmotherly. And smile. They like that.

Happy Babywearing!

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Katie said...

Babywearing in the airport is the way to go. There is no lugging around a stroller to slow you down when load or depart the airplane. I have never had a problem with security either!