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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another bear hunt . . .

A while back, we went to Yellowstone Bear World. It was quite fun. Since then we've been telling the kids we'd go back and feed the baby bears. And last time, the baby bears looked like this:

This time they looked like this:

And Grace got to do this:

We were somewhat disappointed. Feeding the bears is pretty expensive--like $50 expensive. But I looked at my husband and said, "I still wish we would have ridden that elephant."

Because I do still wish we had ridden that elephant. That gorgeous African elephant we saw on our trip to Colorado a few years back when I was weeks pregnant with Calla.

But we didn't because it was getting late and we were getting tired and it was $15 and we had already ridden a camel. But I should have ridden the elephant because we could have ridden an elephant and it would have taken 20 minutes out of our day and I wouldn't have the regret.

I love elephants.

Every time we drive by Bear world I tell the girls to look for that elk. The first time we were there his antlers were mere two inch nubs. Now they are really quite impressive:

It was a good day to go to Bear World. They had some brand new babies.

Brand new as in six hours old babies.

Oh they were sweet little things.

Speaking of sweet little things . . .

Funny. She has the same shirt on she wore the last time we were there.

Sweet little things.

They had lots of babies at Bear world.

Bears are pretty cool, too.

We saw lots of them.

And this is Calla asking where the crazy monkeys are.

I don't know where the crazy monkeys are, Calla. But if you look out your window, you'll get to see where baby bears come from.

Gotta love nature.


Sara said...

OMG, love that last shot! We've been having our own bear world here in ma & pa's backyard... Mom's dog chased a young boar through the fence two days ago. Just yesterday, we had two different sow/cub sets, one with three cubs, so tiny and cute! And this morning, mom saw a wild turkey get taken alive by another bear. Good for you for taking the extra time (and money) to feed the bears. I will never regret spending $30 to have a full grown male tiger sit on my lap while I fed him for a photo op... priceless!

Kimberlina said...

You love elephants?!
I love them too!
We are soul sistahs!

Billye said...

I had a little girl who at the age of 6 came running in the house yelling, "Where's Dad? The bull is breeding a cow across the road."