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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A new theory?

I'm wondering if blogging makes me a better mom. As in it makes me look for blogging fodder rather than get irriated or bogged down by the daily grind of life. I hop around with my camera taking pictures of my kids doing stuff that could very well frustrate the heck out of me--or I'm finding fun activites we can do so I can take pictures and write about it.

A few examples:

*Yesterday's Kleenex incident. She got it off that little table and emptied nearly the whole thing before I found her. And while I was taking pictures, she emptied the rest. Now we have a pile of Kleenex rather than a box of Kleenex. But I'm okay with that because I thought to myself, "This is perfect. I didn't have anything else to say today."

*Calla's infamous haircut. My stomach still hasn't recovered from that. The thought of blogging fodder kept me from freaking out on the outside because I knew that if I freaked out, she wouldn't let me take pictures. Plus, people keep telling me it doesn't look that bad. I'm still hopeful it will grow back before she starts kindergarten in two years. That blog post helped me process the whole thing. And I still love her. I try not to be conditional about.

Fairy Friends Forever. This is something I think is fun to do, but the prospect of blogging it got my behind in gear and got it done. It was totally worth it. It was fun and beautiful and I hope the girls remember it forever.

So, making these little pieces of my life public and looking forward to sharing it and sometimes spinning it or looking at it from a non-irrated angle makes life more fun. And when life is more fun, it's less stressful. And when I'm having fun and not stressed, I'm a better mom.

Fun is good. Go have fun.

I'm gonna go do laundry.

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Layne said...

I like this thought. Maybe I should start blogging about my boys. They have only been driving me absolutely crazy.