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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Goin' on a bear hunt. Gonna see some big ones!

Yes, last time I said that, we just went for a walk. But this time, we went looking for bears.

We may have cheated a little because we went to the local Yellowstone Bear World, but it was great fun. So fun in fact, that we got there promptly when they opened and didn't leave until about 2pm. Five hours of fun.

We're hitting all the tourist spots. And we're having fun doing it. Call us dorks if you want.

Bears, lots of bears. They have 24 black bears in the black bear exhibit. And they have three grizzly bears.

Violet liked them:

We went on the curator tour and fed them doughnuts and bread. Grace found one bear that just sat there and caught what she was tossing.

The bears are rather cooperative.

These are the year-old bears. They are in their weird adolescent stage.

Just for fun, anyone want to guess (educated or not) which pictures are of the grizzly bears??

And they have a petting zoo area. This pig was my favorite. He just sat there like this and if you went up and touched him, he'd grunt happy grunts.

Grace caught a chicken. She was very proud.

Calla ticked a deer with a chicken feather she found. She's just goofy.

And we met a swan named Swanson. He likes to chew on toes.

And what would a tourist trap be without a pictures like this?

And this?

And three-month-old black bear cubs. They are between three and five pounds. And cute as can be.

We're going to go back some time the end of May. They let you bottle feed the baby bears. How fun is that??

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Thursday's Child said...

Oh, I want to go! We'd be in heaven!