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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A loaf of sourdough!!! (Day 10, again)

I think the adventure really got serious today. I started this just before breakfast this morning (and forgot to eat breakfast, actually) and the loaf is still warm. So, it's been a while.

And, I had a couple bumps along the way. I let it rise initially for about 3 hours before I punched it down. And it didn't really punch down. But I made a loaf and put it on the stone anyway. Didn't have anything to lose.

And covered it with a towel. Don't do that. I'll tell you why in a second.

The loaf actually didn't rise that much. And when I took the towel off, it stuck to my dough. I was tragically disappointed, but decided to bake the darn thing anyway because I'd been working on it for TEN DAYS!!

And I put it in the oven. Forty minutes later . . .


It got quite a bit bigger in the oven. I should know that bread does that. According to the resident taste-tester, it's "Good. In fact, I might finish this piece." Love that man.

It's dense and heavy. Has a slight sourdough taste. Not too strong, and a great texture. I think I'd bake it a little longer next time since it's more doughy than I normally like.

Next time, tomorrow (hopefully). I'm excited. It's good. The whole loaf is almost gone already. And it's still not cooled off. Yummmmmmmm . . .


Billye said...

Looks great. Next time make 2 loaves and let it rise a bit longer. Hope I can taste some of it soon. Guess I will just have to wait.

Layne said...

mmmmmm. i want some.

Thursday's Child said...

Looks really good. { How much longer till lunch? }