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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm so sad, part two

I missed potato harvest. Today I was reminded again of this utterly disappointing fact when I walked out and saw this in the field.


But here's what I know about potato harvest, other than it involves quite a few potatoes.

The machines are really big. And this particular machine is operated by a cell-phone using man.

This is a potato truck--they use them for grain, too. But see that nifty little flap on the top? It's nifty and it uses hydraulics. That's all I know about it.

Here the potatoes are coming out of the ground and going into the truck. The truck just drives along beside the harvester until it gets full and then another one comes and takes its place.

(Fun Fact: The company that manufactures the potato equiptment is called Spudnik.)

And they will harvest around the clock because they are racing the clock--or rather Mother Nature.

Mother Nature beat them to the punch here. The potatoes froze in the ground and if they were to harvest them, the likelihood that the entire cellar full of potatoes rots is pretty high.

So, I shall wait until next year. And eat my potatoes in the meantime. Because before we left, while it was snowing, I was out digging potatoes. It was like I knew it was now or never--or next fall at least.

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