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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some things are just universal

After our hike we actually got back to camp early enough that we felt like we could really sit and enjoy the evening. We made a fire and then made dinner while the girls played Bison farmer.

The bison was greenish and kind of weirded me out.

We were looking forward to sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and melting chocolate on graham crackers. And we were tired, so we were planning to take advantage of that and go to bed early.

While we were eating dinner, an RV with obviously European license plates pulled into the spot next to us. Later a little blond head popped out. And it kept popping out. And getting called back in. And popping out. And getting called back in.

We cleaned up dinner and started our roasting preparations. Daddy asked Grace if she wanted a pink marshmallow (the strawberry ones roast up quite nicely, actually), or a white one.

Pink, please.

I thought so. You are a pink girl.

And you want white. Because you are a white boy.

I thought Brent might split a gut.

Mean time, this cute little blond head kept popping out of the RV next door. I think mom finally gave up trying to get her to eat her dinner and they came over for a visit.

So we met Jule (pronounced You-la) and her mom and dad. Jule is about Calla's age. And she's been on holiday for nearly 5 months with her mom and dad. They started in Eastern Canada, drove to Alaska, worked their way down the coast, and now were headed back east. With six weeks left of their trip, they admitted it was time for them to go home.

Since we were roasting marshmallows, we offered to share. "Pink or white?" Brent asked.


Apparently pink is a universal favorite of little girls.

Chocolate, however, is not. Because Jule didn't want to have anything to do with the chocolate.

Violet on the other hand just wanted the chocolate and probably ate enough for both of them.

If you are wondering, she is covered in camping. Chocolate, dirt, dinner, and boogers. Good times!

So we watched the four girls eat and/or burn marshmallows and play while we visited with Jule's parents. Such nice people. I think they have the right idea. She told me they work hard for a few years and then take several months off and travel the world. They've done this for over 20 years and it suits them well. And we're the typical American family--three kids, a big RV and weekend warriors.

Jule understands quite a lot of English, but other than "pink" and "thank you," she didn't speak much of it. However, it was obvious that fun is a universal language among kids. The next morning after breakfast, they were at it again.

Taking turns and everything.

There's something about giggling girls. It makes my insides swell with happy. I think that's universal, too.

Dirt might make the list as well. And boogers. though I have no proof of that from the trip because my kid was the only one with boogers. You'd never know that Violet did in fact have a bath the night before.

When we got home, Calla kept telling me that she wanted Jule to come live at our house when we move again. I'm not sure how to explain that to a 3-year-old. That and why we aren't planning to move again for many, many years. She has it in her head now that when we move again she wants to move to Montana. I suspect she's expecting it any day now.

We may have scarred her for life.

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Natalie said...

I don't blame Jule for not wanting American chocolate. After eating European chocolates, it's like eating a generic hot dog after being offered filet mignon.

Very fun "girly" post. Too cute!