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Monday, September 14, 2009

Babywearing in an emergencey situation

This last weekend was our last in Yellowstone for the season. And honestly, I think it was my favorite trip there yet. Mostly because we've hit all the touristy spots and we're now looking to the little trails off the pavement and boardwalk.

But first we had to get there. This time we went around south and up through Teton National Park.

The Tetons are beautiful.

But coming down into Jackson is steep. The signs say 10% grade. And pulling a trailer up and down that was a little too much for our brakes. They were smokin' hot.

We stopped (barely) at a pull-out and ended up waiting for at least an hour before our brakes cooled off enough to continue down the hill safely. (Note to self, gently remind husband to use more gears next time.)

Now being parked on a giant hill with three kids is a bit scary. And the little one got antsy pretty fast. There was NO WAY I was going to let her walk around. There was a highway on one side, and a really steep hill on the other. Not a cliff, a really steep hill.

So, out came the carrier.

And I felt MUCH better about the whole situation instantly. Violet was happy as I walked up and down the pull-out. And the other two kids were little angels.

Mr. Trooper showed up to make sure all was well. Not much he could do except give us his card and carry on his merry way. But we were thankful that he seemed unconcerned. Something about a not-paniced officer that gives one comfort.

That and a daddy who can't tell his little girls no when they ask him to read them a book. Even in a situation that normally isn't a book-friendly situation.

We ended up spending about an hour on that hill waiting for the brakes to cool off. And it was a much more pleasant experience thanks to that carrier and not having to fight with a baby. I'll admit it was a bit scary, but it was a whole lot less scary because we had a tool we needed to keep our baby safe on that hill. And it was effortless and familiar to her and everyone else in the family, making a situation that could have been horrible and scary just a bump in the road on our way to a great weekend.

Three cheers for babywearing!!!

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renee holiday said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Man, I bet that was an adventure! Yup, babywearing ROCKS! :-D