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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm so proud of my mom!

Two weeks ago she got back from Thailand. She had an opportunity to go on a mission and she jumped on it! And she had a grand time. So grand in fact that she's talking about going back.

My mom, the world traveler.

And elephant rider.

One of their projects while they were there was to paint a building the church is converting to a daycare in one of the Hmong villages.

Since I couldn't go and see it for myself, I asked her to take some pictures if the opportunity presented itself. And she did.

If you look closely, these are beautiful carriers. Basically, they are one large piece of fabric with a strap across the top.

And everyone gets to wear the baby.

Even the baby gets to wear the baby.

Thanks, mom. I'm not proud because you got the pictures.

I'm proud because you went.


katie suksdorf said...

wow! that's a lot of baby wearing! you go Thailand.

Billye said...

I did see a Grandpa babywearing...we were driving by and I missed the opportunity. Sorry!