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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recovering comb over-er

I was at church on Sunday and in my scanning from the back to see who is there I noticed that "Paul" no longer had his comb over! It was gone!

Now, this particular comb-over was beyond its prime years ago and was well into simply obnoxious hair that doesn't do its job because there is too much real estate to cover for the amount of coverage available. And on top of it, he doesn't have the type of hair that easily lends itself to comb over-ing. It was the thinning hair that is course and fuzzy. Nothing like The Donald.

But then I started wondering what one would say to someone who has recovered from the comb-over.

"Hey! It's gone!"

"You got a hair cut! Looooong time a'coming, eh?"

"Dude, I can't believe your wife let you walk around like that for that long."

I settled for turning around to my friend and whispering, "Hey! Paul got rid of the comb over!" She was equally impressed.

But I must say, he does look better. More confident.

I Googled "comb over" and according to Wikipedia, "A variation of the combover (whereby baldness is concealed by long hairs combed in three separate directions) has a U.S. Patent 4,022,227 by Donald J. Smith and his father, Frank J. Smith, of Orlando, Florida, who were awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in Engineering for their effort."

Who knew?? Maybe if I were in high school still, Marvin would write an informative speech on it for speech class. I wonder what he could dig up?? He was great at that. I can't say I'll ever forget his speech about windows and the other one about penguins. (Hello Marvin!)

Thankfully my husband just told me he doesn't think he could grow his hair out long enough for a comb over. I love that man. But I probably also wouldn't be the wife of the guy who is on the receiving end of, "Dude, I can't believe your wife let you walk around like that for that long." I just don't work like that. So, unless one of us is dead and the other has dementia, we should be safe.

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Layne said...

So according to you definition, Reese does not have a natural "comb over". He just has long front hair that naturally "combs" over to the side. Very funny though.