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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kung Fu babywearing

My friend Sara is the amazing deal-getter. Her latest one was she got a local Kung Fu instructor to give a free self-defense class for her friends. So, I packed up Violet and we went. When I walked in, the instructor commented that Violet was a little young. But she was excited!

Now to begin with, the instructor sat us down and went around the circle asking us why we were there. Everyone else had answers like, "I've been a victim and I want to learn to defend myself," or, "I don't want to be a victim." My answer??

I want to blog it. After all, it's not every day that you get to learn Kung Fu with a baby on your back. And if I were to be attacked, it probably would be with a baby on my back. **(photo courtesy of Jill)

Violet got her "Don't mess with me" face on, like a good girl. **(photo courtesy of Jill)

This is my "Don't mess with me face:

Violet's is better . . .

This is my friend Sara practicing the eye poke. (Aren't those awesome leggings?? She got a deal on those, too! $3.50 new, regularly $15. I'm telling you, she should offer a seminar.)

And this is my friend Layne using the ball of her foot to kick the "attacker" in the E. (She looks pretty dang awesome for having twins a seven short months ago!)

Did you know that breathing is the key to Kung Fu? I didn't, but now I know! Breath out when you strike. Makes a HUGE difference.

This is me doing it wrong. My index finger is supposed to be extended and I'm sure I'm not breathing right.

And this is me getting attacked with a bat and defending myself beautifully. Up, in, out. If you do it at a 45 degree angle, the weapon slides off. Didn't know that either. But I do now. **(photos courtesy of Jill)

I had fun. And I think Violet had fun. It's not every day a 7-month-old gets to go to Kung Fu. The instructor did say that Violet was a little young, but then again he also said that you can't start them too early. And now I will add to my list of things you can do while babywearing: Kung Fu.

Happy babywearing!

**Thank you Jill! For those of you now wondering, I took my camera to Kung Fu but neglected to make sure the battery was charged. It made it through the kicks and punches, but then just as we were getting to the good part, man attacking woman with baby on her back, it decided it didn't have enough juice. Jill, who had just walked in the door noticed my extreme dissapointment and was sweet enough to use her Blackberry to take a few pictures for me. Thank you Jill! And I'm officially thankful for cameras on cell phones. Plus she emailed them to me right then and there with the nifty little gadget. Maybe I ought to re-think my stance on that. Or, maybe I'll just try to remember to keep my camera battery charged.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, as usual. I wish I had you around on a daily basis. My life would be a lot sillier. Emily B

Thursday's Child said...

If I were taking a self-defense when the kids were little I don't think it would have occurred to me to include them. When the Peanuts were babies I was lugging around a baby carrier in each hand. I wonder how self-defense would have worked then. It probably would have been pretty painful for the attacker if I'd pummeled him with a full carrier. ;)

Mamalikes said...

That is AWESOME. Only you, Heidi, only you =D.