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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The things we do for kids

I've never been into board games or card games or whatever.  I'm not against them, I just am terrible at them.  It's hard to get into a game you never win.  It wasn't good for our marriage in the beginning.  But sometimes I cave and do it for the family.  (The husband is into games, but it figures since he's good at them.)

Yesterday we sat down for a game of SORRY! as a family (minus Violet). 

SORRY! is always such an interesting game.  I remember that as a kid we never finished a game because my youngest brother would fling the game board across the living room.  It didn't matter how many times we told him we were sorry, it always ended that way.

My little Calla has some of the same qualities as my little brother. But we sat down and played anyway.  A SORRY! was always accompanied by a hug--sometimes a group hug actually.  An interesting twist on the game.  But that still didn't stop Calla from storming downstairs after having a pawn sent back to START.

After some coaxing, she came up and finished the game.  And the little bugger WON!   She was yellow.  Grace was red, daddy was blue. The final board view:

I was green.  I made it out of START one time.  ONE TIME!  And I was promptly sent back. 

I don't remember getting a hug. 

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