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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

They really should pay me for this idea

So last year sometime I had this idea.  It's my idea for a Food Network show starring regular moms cooking regular foods.  Kind of like a game show.  To quote myself:
For example, the assigned meal was a regular dish like tuna noodle casserole. But when the clock starts they discover they only have 1 can of tuna, or no tuna at all. And then the Pastor is coming for dinner and he can't have gluten.

Or the assigned meal is hamburgers. The clock starts and the burger is still frozen solid. And there are only 1/2 the number of buns as there are people to feed.

The judges wouldn't be culinary experts who judge on all the merits of a meal like presentation and . . . I don't even know what they judge on, really. I missed that part of the show when I was helping with dinner I think. The judges should be regular moms, maybe even picked from a studio audience, who judge only on whether their family would eat the meal or not.

And the winner gets her pantry stocked for 6 months. Or a trip to Hawaii. Or something that a practical mom who can cook killer hamburgers in 45 minutes or less even if she's given frozen burger and 1/2 as many buns as she needs.
So I've been thinking about this more and I think the winner should get her dream kitchen.  And the runner up should get her dream fridge, or range, or any combination of dream kitchen gadgets she can dream up.  Wouldn't that be great? 

Oh!  And if they win the new kitchen, they get an all expense paid vacation along with it so they don't have to live in the construction zone and have to cook in a construction zone! And maybe they can do a separate show on that whole construction thing!  Don't they have a completely different channel for that kind of show?? 

Back to my idea.  Maybe the contestants are moms called out of the audience, like on The Price is Right.  I love that show.  Except I haven't seen it since Drew Carey took over.  Or since he's been skinny.  Do the girls kiss him, too??  That's just odd to me.  But lots of things are odd to me.

Anyway, they get called out of the audience and immediately they get an apron (a cute one), their assignment and have to go cook like crazy ladies!  And then they get the normal interruption, like the frozen hamburger or other missing ingredient, or an unexpected guest. 

But I was also thinking that to complicate matters even more, the kids have to be gone.  I know that this sounds weird, even with the whole "on television" element and whatever that creates, but I've decided that when people say our hearts are walking around outside our bodies when we have kids they are wrong.  Dead wrong.  At least in my case. It's my brain walking around outside my body and when I don't have our kids, I can't think!

I've done EVERY time I don't have kids.  I'll be driving around town alone on some errand and then I'll suddenly realize that I am on the WRONG side of town.  And then I'll wonder how I got there.  And why I'm in town in the first place.  And where are my kids anyway?? 

It is like my brain is gone.  But of course it's gone.  The kids have it!

Either that or I'm not used to a leisurely pace and no interruptions and don't have a clue how to plan for something like that anymore. 

But dang, I can usually pull off dinner.  Even with missing ingredients and frozen burgers and unexpected guests.  Maybe I will get a new kitchen some day. 

Even though what I really need is a bathroom remodel. 

Maybe I'll have to think of a game show for that one, too.


Carol K said...

I would definitely watch that show, Heidi!

Tanja said...

You should totally do that! (and I've done the 'excited to be shopping alone...but why am I in this aisle or store again?' thing so many times!
Oprah's new network OWN is having a show called "Your OWN show"...where they look for people who want to do their own show on her network - the one time I've watched Oprah in I don't know how long and apparently the message was for you! :)