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Friday, November 19, 2010

Encouraging news from the CPSC regarding baby carriers

Last month I took a whole day of my life and wrote this blog post on the CPSC and a pending recall on baby carriers.  Since then there has been no recall.  That's good news.

Today I got an email from the BCIA--Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.  It read in part:

We want to be certain you're aware of today's sling safety announcement  issued by the CPSC. We have issued our own concurrent statement. While we were unable to negotiate a partnership with the CPSC for this statement, CPSC did reach out to BCIA regarding this statement and would like to improve communication and dialogue between our organization and the agency.

We agree with the CPSC that sling safety is of utmost importance. It is clear from today's statement that the CPSC would benefit from partnering with our industry toidentify and promote 'best practices' in babywearing.

We are happy that the CPSC is looking at education as a viable alternative to mass recall of our industry's products. This is a direct response to the pressure that you have helped us put on the CPSC in the last few months, and a powerful example of how working together has made our industry voice stronger. We need to continue our efforts to ensure that the CPSC and the new Congress understand the importance of the babywearing industry in the US.
This sounds to me like a step in the right direction.  The CPSC does seem to be emphasizing education over mass recalls.  BCIA is also working with Health Canada to develop a babywearing safety education program and hopes to do the same with the CPSC.

If you can, please consider letting the CPSC know that you support safe babywearing, and would like to see them partner with the BCIA on a national education campaign, such as the one currently being planned in cooperation with Health Canada. (CPSC’s Hotline at (800) 638-2772; or visit

I'm totally on board with that.  GO BCIA!!  And frankly, I'd love to cheer for the CPSC for being smart about this.  Babies are safest close to their mothers.  Babywearing is amazing and benefits everyone involved.

If you haven't already, please consider joining BCIA, or at the very least donating a few dollars

You know, Christmas is coming!  And what better gift to request from folks who don't know what to get for you, or for you to get for that impossible-to-buy-for person!  One more step towards world peace--happy babies and mothers and all your Christmas problems were just solved!

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