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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

For the first time in at least 14 years, we stayed home on Thanksgiving.  I will admit that I was a little worried, but last night I decided we were just going to have a grand time.  I will preface this with the statement that this post is aimed directly at the grandparents we missed today.  We love you!  We missed you! But we sure had a great day!

So this morning we all got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and put on our aprons.  Except Carsten.  He doesn't have an apron. Daddy technically doesn't either.  But he was game. 

Here's the clan--all on the table and ready to get cookin'.

I admit that I didn't do much preparation for today--except yesterday I made rolls.  But really, I had everything we needed and since I cook for just us every day, I figured it wouldn't be too difficult.  AND, as a bonus, daddy was home.

Here's the clan making sure the turkey feels okay.  It didn't go in until about ten.

Next item of business--pumpkin pie.  Grace is on the filling.  She's a great little cook, actually.  Reading recipes and everything.

C and V are on the crust.  They did a great job.  Even if they are little snitchers.

Mommy helped (and offers proof that she was there).

But mommy forgot to put the CREAM in the filling until AFTER it was all poured in the crust.

Violet was very upset about it.

Actually, she was upset about just about everything.  But that's par for the course these days.  It's called "two."  But don't worry, the cream got in the pie.  I stirred it in and it was still just as yummy as ever.

Calla is planning Christmas break.  Honestly, that looks pretty fun.

Now with the turkey cooking, the pie done and a few hours to kill, we headed to the basement and got to work.  I decided that everyone needed a new place mat and napkin.  Daddy decided everyone needed a napkin holder.  So out came the fabric and the toilet paper rolls. 

Behold, six turkey napkin holders.  Daddy is brilliant.

All V wanted to do was glue. They teased her with it until the very end and used it to glue the beaks on. Everything else they stapled--you don't have to wait for staples to dry.  But she was really quite patient.

Here's the littlest helper hanging out with daddy, peeling potatoes, making cranberry sauce and such while mom is still furiously sewing in the basement.  I love babywearing!

The turkey on the table. 

He is a little turkey. 

But really, check out all those nifty place mats and matching napkins.  Everyone picked their own fabric.  I did the rest.

The feast, minus the stuffing since we forgot it was still in the oven.

The anxious crowd--and the stuffing--which was amazing.  

Bacon grease from breakfast made it super yummy. I don't even like stuffing normally. (Confession: Daddy did quite a lot of the cooking since mommy was sewing furiously in the basement. Mommy did make the gravy, though. And mixed the stuffing.)

This is what Violet thought of dinner.  Those are potatoes on her face and cranberry sauce on her dress. 

Now, I don't have the pictures because they are being dumb, but Thanksgiving just isn't complete without whipped cream.  Calla and Violet shared what was left in the bowl after they finished off their pie and initial generous helping of whipped cream.  Everyone is happy.

What a great day.  I'm thankful for days like this.  And everything that goes into making it what it is on every level. 

Brent's comment:  "Normal families sit around and watch football."

I guess we're not normal.  I'm good with that.  I'm also thankful I'm not getting up at some awful hour and going shopping in the morning. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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