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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

They may just be worth something after all

These are the other girls.  And the guy who hopefully won't decide to get mean and end up as soup.

There are eleven of them all together.  Ten hens and one rooster.  We got lucky on the one rooster thing.  Aren't they pretty??

Well, now they may just be worth keeping.  Today Grace and Calla came in and announed that they had a surprise for me.

There's always something about that first little egg.  And it's always picture worthy.

But I will admit that even if they didn't have a little pullet egg, they'd still be pretty picture worthy.

I think we'll keep them all. 

Bonus that the chickens might be worth something after all.

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stampman88j said...

Terrific pictures of the GIRLS....congrats on the eggs, I am sure you are happy too.'s quite easy you just squat down......and out it pops...!!!