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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A "caring" expectant mother

My due date has come and gone.  And really, it's okay.  On Thursday mom took the girls overnight and went to retrieve grandpa.  And the house was SO quiet. 

I decided that obviously there were things to be done.  So, I went to work.

Laundry done, folded and put away--check, check and check

Violet's closet cleaned out and reorganized--check

Old food out of the fridge--check

Kitchen and bathroom floors mopped--check

And then there is this gift that has been hanging over my head for about three months

The photo is of it only partially done, but check.

And what about the baby.  Maybe it needs a new blanket.


Last night after eating a dinner that I watched everyone else cook and clean up I sat down and finished the binding.  Now I'm sure that all the quilters in my life would be horrified at the process I went through to make this quilt.  It involved rummaging through my pile-o-sewing stuff in the basement for about five minutes for fabric, cutting strips from the fat quarters, sewing them together into strips, minimal ironing, sewing the strips together, cutting the strip piece in half and sewing that together. 

Then, I rummaged some more, found some batting and some fabric suitable for the back.  I pieced the back together, actually stretched the batting to make it fit, pinned and quilted the thing.  And all this involved no pre-planning.  It was pure "well, this 'll work" process.  And it took a grand total of about 4 hours from the moment the idea entered my brain.

As I sat there sewing the binding, which is actually brown canvas because I have 300 yards of that for some reason, I was telling my mom that I'd been trying to find things that would make this little bugger come.  And she comment, "Well, you finally look like a caring expectant mother." 

That's actually funny.  The poor kid doesn't even have a crib to sleep in.  Not that my babies sleep in cribs, but we haven't moved Violet out of that room yet.  It just hasn't worked out.  And if we moved Violet, Grace would be sleeping in the bed that grandma and grandpa are sleeping in. And my sewing table is still in that room and needs to move down to the basement.  So, once that's done, we can make progress on that whole plan.  It'll be okay.  And it will happen soon enough.  But right now, I need to find that one last thing that will make this baby come.

These last few days of being pregnant are always weird.

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MandyWelch said...

The quilt is gorgeous! Go you! I'm sure that is what made him decide to come on out and join his family :)