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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And we have a first grader

Daddy actually still tells her that she should have stayed four.  But yesterday, she trotted off to first grade, and she's almost SEVEN!

How does that happen?  She was the tiny one not so long ago . . .

She couldn't eat her breakfast, though.  I think between going to first grade, the excitement of grandma and grandpa and a new baby, she was a bundle of nerves, excitement and tired.  So I sat her on my lap (yes, I sat her on my lap) and we had a talk.  She's been telling me all summer that her two favorite things about school are learning and her friends.  She knows that a few of her friends from last year are in her class and I'm sure since it's school, she'll learn something. 

And then I told her in all seriousness that if she hated it, she didn't have to go back. I think she believed me because she hopped off my lap and daddy took her off to school.  We also made a deal that we'd pick her up as many times as she wanted this week so she could come straight home to her baby brother and her grandma and grandpa rather than sitting on the bus for an hour or so after school.  That made her happy, too.

And look at her after school yesterday.  She changed her clothes, grabbed a baby, and just loved on him.

Can I tell you that I just love having her around.  That's part of the reason I told her that if she didn't want to, she'd never have to go back to school.  I'd keep her home in a heartbeat. 

And then before bed last night for about another 20 minutes Mr. Carsten sat with her all snuggled up into her neck while she read a book.

My little Grace.  She's such a special kid.  Can't get enough of her. 

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