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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

While mommy is away--Part II

While mommy is away, daddy is in charge. Not that he isn't in charge when I'm not away, but when I'm four hours away and I have no Internet or cell service, he's really in charge.

First thing they did was watch a movie. Then they really got down to business--they made a list:

This is the list:

-Clean the whole house and laundry
-Read books
-Tell Stories
-Clean out car
-Cook Food
-Valentine for Mom
-Go to Church
-Water Calla’s Plant
-Take a Bath
-Go outside
-Dot to Dot
-Watch movies with popcorn
-Play Games
-Hang Pictures

There was a line through the cleaning out the car item and it was replaced with bowling. They apparently had a great time--and don't tell Grace, but Violet won. They also didn't get to hanging pictures, but they did hang a rather large picture on the livingroom wall.

It was this big:

And it involved over several days a lot of paint (followed by baths) . . .

And more paint . . .

Some serious concentration by a 19 month old . . .

Glitter stickers . . .

And finally, the finishing touches and LOTS of tape . . .

And some very excited children who kept the secret all the way home even though they were so excited they nearly burst.

They made me close my eyes and everything. Needless to say, I was very surprised.

I love my kids, and my husband. They know how to make a mommy feel loved, even if she does abandon them for a long weekend.

Coming tomorrow: how a mommy makes three little girls spin in glee! (I was nearly spinning in glee just thinking about it.)

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Anonymous said...

that is priceless!! Nice work Brent:) VEry very cool!