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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's haircut day

Grace has been growing her hair out to donate to Locks of Love. It started as a sort of compromise since she decided she wanted to grow out her bangs. A good compromise that she was excited about.

Last week we measured it and she had her ten inches. Ten inches of gorgeous little girl hair. Every time I have brushed it for the last few weeks I can't help but think of a child that will be getting her beautiful hair.

Someone else needed a haircut, too. Desperately. Poor thing.

I splurged for the wash and style for Grace. I figured the extra few dollars were worth it since she was doing it for a good cause and it was also her first *real* haircut (AKA, not mom cutting it in the kitchen). She was so ready.

And she is so cute with short hair. So cute.

When we got her to school she wondered out loud if her teacher would recognize her. Made me smile. Always thinking, that little girl.

As for the other one, she was probably just as happy to get her hair cut. And they even put little bows and flowers in her ears. I must admit, she's pretty cute.

I'm happy that there is so much less hair running around this house. And I'm thrilled that my little girl is generous so easily. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Andrew and Marie Harris said...

Grace looks so beautiful with her short hair.