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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

While mommy is away--Part I

This last weekend, a LONG weekend, I escaped. I escaped for four days and three nights to a crafting retreat and left daddy (the very capable daddy) home with three children and instructions only to keep them alive. Grace, who is 6, was instructed to help daddy. I figured they would be fine. Then I found out that where we were going, there was no cell service. So I said a prayer that they would be fine.

I returned yesterday evening and they were all alive and appeared to be fine. In fact, the laundry was done, they had a fabulous surprise for me, and they all seemed happy and well taken care of. Even daddy didn't look too worse for wear. I knew I married a good one and he proves it over and over.

I found on the camera a record of what they did over the weekend. Oh were they busy and they had a lot of fun. One of the activities, which isn't something really too rare, is they played doctor.

Now, this mommy is pregnant and last week they did an ultrasound to get some dates. I brought this home and the girls were very excited.

It also made the doctor game transform from broken bones and animals in their ears to them having babies. Grace is a fabulous midwife.

Here she's visiting with Calla. Calla is going to have a baby. See that lump in her shirt?

They did an ultrasound.

It's a kitten.

And Violet just had a flamingo.

I'm sure glad we know this baby is a baby.

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Mrs. Donnelly, this is great.