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Saturday, December 31, 2011

32 and sunny

Since we returned from our Christmas trip the weather outside has been frightful.  Snowing, blowing, melting, freezing, raining, blowing, snowing, melting, freezing.  Or something like that.

It has been so wet that our cars that are parked in the driveway actually sunk about an inch into the driveway.  Just because they were sitting there. 

Today we had a little change of pace.  Sunny and cold.  So later this afternoon we sent the kids out.

"But mom!  It's FREEZING out there!"

I know!  Isn't it GREAT!?!"

They found some fun stuff and had to make sure we got a chance to enjoy it, too.  Here's Calla racing down the driveway to show us what they found.

Violet on her Christmas bike, being towed by dad because it's more fun for EVERYONE that way.  And Grace on her skates.

Proof I participated, other than the fact that there are pictures documenting the trip.

We have a frozen lake!  A giant frozen lake!  Right in the field!

And Grace can skate on it!! 

Never mind that they are ROLLER skates!  Crazy kid.

This does seem a little dangerous, though.

Look at all of them out there skating around having a ball. 

Or rather falling down.

Calla is thrilled with her find.  It's not every day she finds a whole frozen lake in the field.

Carsten had a bit of a hard time.  Poor kid.

But he's a pretty tough kid.  And so is Violet.  Even though her mittens are on the wrong hands.

Did I mention Carsten was tough? 

My favorite picture.

Yuppers.  He's a tough kid.  Still smiling and everything.

Uh, crazy lady with the camera, that one kind of hurt.  (Well, this might be my favorite picture.)

Good thing there is a giraffe padding your fall, buddy.

Yup.  Still pretty tough.

And then we tried to take the circus on a little walk.  But it was interrupted by whining and stomping and pouting and the folding of arms. 

So we cut the walk short and came home. 

The end.

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Carol K said...

That sounds like a fun day in the (freezing) neighborhood...except for the whining part. ;) We're headed for Pismo Beach, CA where it was 73 today. Ah, the life of the retired snowbirds.