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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas pre-party

I like to stretch Christmas over roughly a month.  We got some presents in the mail the beginning of the month and much to the husband's dismay, I thought the kids should open them.  They did and he even had fun.

My parents sent a package with my brother and his wife when they came to visit recently.  And I decided they should open those, too.  Mostly because I wanted the house clean and I could use the presents as bribery. 

Yes, I bribe my kids.  Don't hate me.

This guy was very excited about STANDING on his present.

When he opened it, he was even more excited about it.  What boy doesn't like a TRUCK.

Grandma with the white fridge really knows hot to make girls happy.


So does Aunt Alisha (the other Aunt Melisha) and her kids with their little box of fun. 

Grace is conservative.

Calla gets a little of everything.

Violet needed some more.

Carsten put his pockets to good use. 

This morning we busted out the curlers.  The girls have so much fun with them at grandma's house that grandma thought the girls needed their own set.  They were so excited that what was ON the box was actually IN the box!

And they are so cute!

Grace's hair even curled this time.  HUGE success there!

I may have taken advantage of the curlers to see what I could do to improve the hair situation I was faced with.  And I think it was successful.  Even kind of fun. 

Only one person in that photo who is in obvious need of a nap.  But we got her earlier, so here she is:

Good times!  Cute kids!  Great hair!  Awesome Christmas!  And that's just the beginning!

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Carol K said...

Merry Christmas to you and and your lovely family, Heidi and Brent!