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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little Primal update

I think we've been eating Primal for several months.  And I've lost roughly 30 pounds.  But Thanksgiving kind of rammed a plateau into my efforts.  Between travelling and all the food, particularly the sweets, I have been on a plateau for roughly two weeks.  Just in the last couple days have I gotten that back under control and gone back to my losing ways. 

That's my biggest weakness.  Sugar.  I could honestly not care less about the bread and cereal and all the grains, including rice.  I am thoroughly enjoying all these amazing foods that we are eating.  The rest of the family is, too.  The husband could eat fried yams every day for the rest of his life.  Violet, age 3, did a little cheer in Costco last week when I picked up a package of brussel sprouts.  (YAY!!  I LOVE THOSE!!)  She also loves almonds and pumpkin seeds.  There are NO leftovers in this house.  No casserole rotting in the fridge.  The smoked chicken, primal pot roast, sausage stew and other yummy dinners get eaten.  Every last piece.  What doesn't get eaten gets "recycled" as lunch the next day. 

My biggest challenge regarding the family is keeping enough good snack food around for the kids.  Fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds.  Cans of olives.  They eat it all.  And they love it.  Yogurt and cottage cheese and other cheeses round off the list of foods they love. 

As for eating, like I said, sugar is my biggest weakness.  And it took me a couple weeks after all the pumpkin and apple pie and other treats, which pretty much made me feel sick to my stomach anyway, to get myself back under control.  But finally the last few days I pretty much put my foot down and made myself behave.  Coffee with maple syrup and real cream in it is yummy.  And I was going way overboard in the chocolate department.  But I think I have some sort of an allergy involving chocolate.  It makes my throat and ears itch.  Or something in it makes my throat and ears itch.  I don't have the energy to figure that out right now, so chocolate is off the list for a bit, at least.

What I realized was that part of my problem was not enough sleep.  So I really tried to get a couple good nights sleep.  That helped.  Quite a lot. 

Also, after Thanksgiving I had an eczema flare.  I haven't had one of those for months.  Even through all the moving, which in the past has resulted in cracked and bleeding hands. 

I need to get back on the exercise wagon.  The move pretty much killed that effort.  And I haven't been able to get it back in the mix.  I've been working on the "moving often at a slow pace" part.  But not very hard. The fact that it's cold and somewhat gloomy out quite a bit isn't helping, either.

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