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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A fun little visit

My brother and his little pregnant wife came and spent the night on the way through.  They got here after bedtime, but since the kids were so excited, we let them stay up for a bit.  They love their uncle Reed and aunt Melissa.

They also have an aunt Alisha.  And I am notorious for getting their names mixed up.  Violet fixed the problem for me though.  She asked when aunt "Melisha" was going to be here.  I laughed.  And then decided to use that name from now on.

We let the kids stay up because they like their uncle Reed and aunt Melissa.  A lot.  To the point that Grace could barely sleep the night before.

Uncle Reed is a lot of fun.

A whole lot of fun.

Did I mention he was fun?

He even won Violet over, eventually.

And aunt Melissa (AKA Melisha), colors and visits with them.  For little girls, that's pretty darn awesome fun.  (And yes, that says Aunt Melisha.)

And then there was a miracle.  Not that we were looking for one.  But what a great photo!

We're all pretty excited about visiting these two in February when they welcome their little bundle skin-side.  Personally, I'm super excited they're having a baby.  They're going to have so much fun!  They want to take the baby camping with us this summer.  That has huge fun potential.

And you better believe I sent them off with a carrier. Because life with a baby and no carrier just is too hard.

Thanks for visiting, you two!!  We'll see you again real soon!

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