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Friday, January 22, 2010

She ought to be sainted

About twelve years ago my parents acquired a dog. The dog showed up at my great grandparents' house and since grandpa was not into dogs, the dpg ended up at my parents' house--on the farm. She seemed nice enough.

They started calling her Surely, because surely someone would take this dog off their hands. They didn't need or even want a dog.

But nobody did.

And then it turned out that she was pregnant.

And then she had TEN puppies.

So mom sold the puppies for something like $25 and used the money to get her spayed.

Surley has been around ever since. This weekend mom and dad came down for Calla's birthday, and of course Surely came along.

Violet loves Surely. Actually, all the grandkids love Surely. This is a common scene whenever grandkids are around.

Here Surely, have some tea.

You don't want any? I made it just for you.

But you make a fine chair. (V was riding her yesterday.)

And being the saint she is (and also probably paired with the fact that she put up with ten puppies for a while), Surely puts up with it.

Of course we watch and make sure the kids don't hurt her. And they are really quite gentle with her, believe it or not. It's like a mutual agreement they have.

She still ought to be sainted.

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