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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham: A conspiracy theory

I love Dr. Seuss. He's classic for good reason. And I think he left this world a better place than he found it. But, Green Eggs and Ham bothers me.

It all started one night when I actually looked at the pictures while I was reading it to the kids.

Sam I Am has a plan. Seriously. And even though his chosen "victim" says no SEVENTY TWO TIMES (very clearly), Sam continues to pester him until he agrees to try the green eggs and ham. But you already knew that part.

But what about the conspiracy? Ever look at all the other "silent characters? The ones in the car plunging off a tree.

And on the train plunging onto a boat.

It seems that even if they are careening towards certain disaster, they are absolutely unconcerned. Even the captain of the ship seems that he may have expected the train and car to crash into his ship--look at how he looks at the fox, like "Perfect timing, once again!"

(This is obviously not the Titanic.)

Even when the whole disaster is SINKING, they all seem to be acting like this is a normal day in the life.

It seems nothing could possibly snap them out of it.

Until . . .

. . . until the "victim" looks to be caving. Then they are all suddenly circled around Sam and the ham and the poor unsuspecting "victim" watching and waiting to see if their grand plan worked.

And . . .

And . . .

That Sam I Am, that Sam I Am . . .

He's a tricky little bugger. And I'll bet that he's in with the green eggs and green ham people. I wonder what they are paying him. And I wonder how they treat their pigs and chickens.

Sure seems suspicious to me.


Dad said...

Your mom isn't such a hard sell. I told her only once that I disliked Split Pea Soup and she never made it again. Very, very good wife and mother. And no, I won't eat it anywhere!

Carol K said...

Heidi, you are too funny!