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Monday, January 11, 2010

It's raining where we used to live


Today (Monday) was clear and sunny and cold. And it was like that all weekend, too. Simply beautiful. The kids and their daddy could not resist going outside. And I was happy for that. Getting outside for hours at a time and having a total blast is not something one does in the rain.

They started out on the sledding hill they made last weekend behind the shop. The snow sliding off the roof made a nice sized hill and they found a garbage can lid. They had a good time.

Violet came out and watched.

I have no idea what that is on her face, but I'm sure it's food of some kind.

Then I went and took a nap. And they went to town for a real sled. What they came home with is amazingly fast. Daddy actually had to get the snow blower and make more room for them to slide down the hill because they kept hitting the bank on the other side of the road.

Then daddy decided to go bowling.

Just pushing the kids down the driveway was a total blast. They kept going for a good fifty yards or so. And if they got spinning, that was even better.

The girls even took a turn pushing daddy down the driveway.

On Sunday daddy got tired of pushing them, so he got a rope and attached it to the sled. Now he could pull them around or simply sling them down the driveway.

It was decided by this mommy that Violet should get in on the action. So I got her all bundled up.

She was pretty puffy. But she stayed warm!!

She also had a really great time.

And while he was much more gentle with her than with the other two, she certainly was not going to miss out on the fun and she certainly was not going to miss her turn.

Grace figured out pretty quickly how to combine an extra turn for her with Violet's.

So did Calla.

Smart kids.

My conclusion is that even though it is in the 20s outside, the sun is certainly welcome. And even with our garbage can lid, or the week before, our cardboard box with a jump rope attached, sledding with three girls down the driveway sure beats rain. Or even driving 50+ miles to find snow.

Idaho is awesome!

(Just ask Violet!)

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