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Monday, October 5, 2009

I think I need to get some snow boots

When it snowed here the other day, Brent went into work and told some people at the office, "You know, in Washington we had this thing called Fall. It cooled off, the leaves got really pretty. You should try it some time."

Yesterday we learned that we were supposed to wake up to snow and he started in again. "You know, I think it was fall today and yesterday for a couple hours. I think that's how it is here. Fall tries to come, it just has to be sneaky about it."

I think he's right. It was fall for a few hours this weekend. Just long enough for him to get in a bunch of wood. I guess it's fair enough though. In Washington, I think it's winter for just a few hours. And everything stops for those hours because two inches of snow is paralyzing. Coming from Montana, that was always odd to me, but I get it now.

And now I think we might need a snow blower. Really, I think we do.

Anyway, today we did wake up to snow. About two inches of it.

The girls got all bundled up and are out playing in it as I type. It's perfect snow man snow, actually. I should go help them, but we're going to Oregon tomorrow and I need to get all my stuff done so we can get out of here.

I also need to get some snow boots. That is going to be an investment I will need to make pretty soon.

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