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Friday, October 16, 2009

I covet a culvert

I covet a culvert. You know those big round long tubes that they put under roads so water can get to the other side without destroying the road? I want one. A big long one.

It came about on a Friday afternoon. We went to the pumpkin patch by grandma's house in Oregon.

And they had this hay maze. And when you got to the end, you went up a bunch of stairs and then you . . .

And yes, I did too. Because Brent was the one with the baby this time. And someone had to make sure the kids didn't get lost in the maze. And because grandma bought three stickers and insisted that I go. I love that woman.

But I wonder if she had an ulterior motive. Like she just wanted to see this:

No matter, it was totally fun. A plastic culvert makes a FAST slide. And they have about two extensions at the bottom because you just keep going after you shoot out.

Grandma and daddy laughed pretty hard at me. But what they don't know is that I'm serious about asking for a culvert for my birthday this year--which also happens to fall on Christmas. And I know they are both reading this, so now they know what I want for Christmas. And my birthday. And really they brought it on themselves by laughing at me.

The girls loved this hay castle.

The culvert slide that went down the right side? I went down it at least twice. They laughted at that, too.

A while back I asked that wonderful husband of mine if he would make me a cider press this winter. He said he'd give it a shot. And then we saw this:

A cider press with hydraulics. I think his wheels are turning. I didn't ask for hydraulics, but if he can figure it out, I'm not going to argue. And I'm not going to be surprised if he does. Because he's that way. After all, he does have the ultimate man purse, and now a giant shop to go with it.

Violet got in on some action, too. The little goat liked her.

And the geese were so loud. They were having a caniption about something. And I just HAD to have a picture of a Goose with geese. Because I'm crazy like that.

And then we did the corn maze (we may have cheated) and went to look for pumpkins. Calla looked and looked for a tiny one, because that was what she wanted. And then she spotted them. A whole big neat pile of them.

**GASP** "Baby Punkins!"

Oh she was SO happy.

And Grace got her beautiful white pumpkin.

And we got some apple cider and we went home.

Good trip to the pumpkin patch. And now I must figure out how to get a culvert. Before I get too old for one.


Kimberlina said...

And now I covet one too.

And the white pumpkin.

Natalie said...

That hay castle is AWESOME! So's the culvert slide and...well, pretty much everything about your awesome family outing. Looks like you had an absolute blast!

Sara said...

If you're serious about the culvert (or if the 'rents are for a gift!), I know someone who sells it... my hubby! I'm not sure if they do plastic or not but I can ask.

Heidi said...

I'm totally serious! Next summer if we get to build a play structure (among the other projects), I'm totally on the prowl for one. Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

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