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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Barbie movies

I just got off the phone with a fellow mom to a preschool girl. Her little girl has been sick the last couple days so today she kept her little one home from school and went and got her a Barbie Movie. She told me this with some guilt.

But, I don't think she needs to have guilt about buying a Barbie movie. I don't think they are what people assume they are.

In all the Barbie movies I've seen so far (and let me tell you, there have been quite a few), I actually like Barbie. Why? Lots of reasons.

In the movies Barbie is beautiful, graceful, kind and gentle. She's a good friend. She's honest and straightforward. She's intelligent, realistic, and determined. She's brave, unselfish and has a huge heart. Even if people reject her or tell her she can't do something that needs to get done, she finds a way to do it with or without their help. And on top of it all, she's beautiful in a very simple way.

Barbie. Yes, I'm impressed. Frankly, I'm more impressed with her than I have been with any other character my girls are drawn to. I don't have a lot of guilt getting them Barbie movies. There's good stuff in there.

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RE: peanut said...

So far, I'm pretty impressed with both of these movies...Barbie is clever and brave and adventurous, which is fantastic. It's pretty far from the vapid princesses from the company who shall not be named.