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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Gramppy

Look at this guy.

That is one happy grandpa. And it makes me happy to get pictures like this. But this one has more of a story behind it than most customer stories and photos I get.

This grandpa is my great grandma's sister's daughter's husband. That little baby is their daughter's new little one. And the baby's uncle, my second cousin once removed (we think that's what it is), bought his sister, the mom of the new baby, that carrier.

Confused yet? It's not that complicated. It just takes a lot of words to explain all the connections.

Now, about that brother, my second cousin once removed who bought the carrier in the first place.

Last summer we had a family reunion and since it was in conjunction with great grandma's memorial (she lived to be 102 and I still think that's pretty phenomenol), great grandma's sister was there with her family, which included pictured grandpa, his wife (great grandma's sister's daughter) and their children, one of whom is said brother who is my second cousin once removed (at least that's what we suspect).

Violet was about five days old and I just had her in my Goose pretty much the whole time. Or she was nursing. Or my mom had her in a Goose.

Second cousin once removed was pretty impressed by that carrier. AND the cool part is that he doesn't even have kids. He is even single. So, Mr. Single-no-kids was so impressed with these crazy carriers that his second cousin once removed (that's me) was selling that the carriers have become his standard baby gift.

I think it's great that Mr. Single-no-kids-second-cousin-once-removed can see the value in something so simple. Smart guy. (How many Mr. Single-no-kids do you know who actually know to GIVE a baby gift, let alone a useful one??)

And his sister, also my second cousin once removed (we think) told me that Happy Gramppy was the first to use the carrier.

Mr. Single-no-kids-second-cousin-once-removed then sent me this picture and told me his sister was using the carrier quite a bit to manage her newborn and 2 1/2 year old.

All these things make me happy, babywearing grandpas, Mr. Single-no-kids getting the whole babywearing thing, and a mom to a new baby finding tools to make life easier.

The warm fuzzies I get from all this happy babywearing actually manifest themselves in a smile as I sit here and type.

Happy Babywearing everyone!

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