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Thursday, February 26, 2009

These make me wonder why EVERYONE doesn't use cloth diapers

You know when you find something you really like and you want to get as many as you can so you can maximize your enjoyment?

Like three pairs of the same jeans. Or two pairs of the same style shoes in different colors. Or three Silly Geese so you can have one ready to wear at all times, one in the car, and one in the laundry? That kind of thing.

I love these diapers!

I just got Violet's next-size up today and I'm so excited! (I think Violet is, too!)

I seriously think that if everyone used these diapers people would give up disposables; the minkee and the bamboo velour are heavenly.

They fit like a dream and even my husband is impressed by them.

Bumstoppers. Drop Becky and email. She'd love to make you some heavenly diapers, too!

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