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Sunday, February 22, 2009

No pictures of it, but my body thanks me. :)

Two days of babywearing. It wasn't a 24 hour deal, but I was definitely doing activities that I would not have been doing if I were holding a baby. A stroller probably would have worked, but I don't have one of those. And I don't think it would have worked as well.

On Friday we went to preschool with Grace and did tie-dye with 29 preschoolers. It was a total blast. I helped with both the morning class and the afternoon class. And aside from being down when we got there and some between classes, Violet was on my back for probably about three hours. And she slept through most of the activity--the tying and the dyeing--in my Delux goose.

Saturday morning I realized I was a little stiff, but it felt more like I'd slept a little crooked--squished between a three-year-old and a 7-month-old probably. And then I realized that I had spent the better part of my day bent over a table helping preschoolers tie and dye their masterpieces with a 16 pound baby sleeping on my back. Made me walk a little taller.

Then I packed Violet up and took her to my sewing day with my two great sewing friends. When I got there Violet was ready for her morning nap. So I strapped her on in my Classic Goose and did a little cutting. She went to sleep. And she slept for about two hours--until lunch. I sat and sewed and visited and had a great time. She woke up and had a little lunch with us and then played on the floor for a while. But she was sleepy again and she went back on my back again and she was sound asleep for long enough for me to finish two little girl dresses and cut out another. All the while I visited and had a grand time with my two friends.

And today, Sunday, you wouldn't know that the last two days I spent with a sleeping baby on my back going about my business, getting things done and having fun. I'm filled up and not the least bit sore.

The fruits of my labors:

So, pack your baby, pack your Goose, go out and live your life!

Happy Babywearing!

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Pat said...

Heidi's not kidding about how long that lil' baby slept on her back! We had such a good visit, and that baby only whimpered once all day long! Even when she was awake, she was all smiles on Mom's back. She sure perked up when the bananas came her way for lunch!