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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some new birds!

Over three years ago when we moved the FIRST time, I gave away a whole flock of chickens to several friends. 

This summer when we moved for the FOURTH time, I had to leave my beautiful flock of chickens for the people who moved into our house.  I wasn't thrilled about that, but living in a camper with six kids and a dozen chickens just wasn't going to work.

When we moved here, I managed to get eight hens off Craigslist for a reasonable price.  It took them a while to start laying again, but they are a beautiful little flock of Rhode Island Reds. 

But four to six eggs a day just doesn't cut it four our family of six.  And after watching Craigslist for the last four months and missing all the good deals on hens, I totally scored yesterday! (And now I don't have to wait until AUGUST for eggs!)

Thirteen beautiful hens and one rooster. 

My eight reds are kind of miffed at me, but the new bunch is so beautiful. And only a YEAR old!

Look at my beautiful birds. Araucanas, Rhode Island Reds, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Black Australorps.  That rooster is a Black Australorp, my favorite breed I've decided. 

Look at this gorgeous guy.

So far he seems pretty nice.  And I'd like it if one of his ladies got all broody and hatched some eggs.

But, if he as much as looks at any of my kids cross-eyed, he's soup.

Silver laced beauty.

Peachy Araucana lady.

What-are-you-lookin'-at Araucana lady.

Where-did-all-these-other-wenches-come-from lady. I love my Reds. They have attitude.

 Violet.  Sometimes I think she looks like this more than she doesn't.  Three is tough. 

Fine, I'll smile.

She's loved this hat since she was two--SIX years ago.

He's pretty excited about the chickens.  One of this first words and he feeds them with me every morning.

Behold, the reason I love having chickens:

That and I think they are a hilarious animal.   Ever seen a chicken run?  Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

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