After four kids, ten moves and nearly two decades, we are still blissfully in love (most of the time) and I found myself back in the state I was born and raised in. It has definitely been a journey. In fact, on our 18th anniversary we pulled the last of our stuff up over the pass and into Montana, leaving our surprise love, Idaho, behind. But Montana is a great place. The last best place according to some. And we fully intend to explore as much of it as we can! Join us on our continued adventure through life, love and other stuff that comes with it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A new low (or high!) and hope for Mount Laundry!

After struggling since basically Thanksgiving to get my Primal ways working and in line again, this morning I got on the scale and saw a number that I have not seen in quite some time. This number has been elusive since before Grace was born over eight years ago. And just to check, I got off the scale and on again. And I saw it again. And then I did a "new low" dance (fully clothed of course) right there in the bathroom, making it up as I went along. I'm sure it wasn't pretty since I really have no dancing skills, but it was still a great way to start the day.

THEN, I called my friend and she told me that she's building a family closet in her new laundry room. The more she told me about it, the more I realized that I NEED ONE!!! I told her about my awesome calendar that has simplified my life (I even wrote my new little neice's birthday on it and she was just born YESTERDAY! How's that for efficient!?!) and how I had been thinking that there has got to be some way to simplify my whole laundry mess. Now I have this idea in my head of a laundry room between two bathrooms that is a huge closet where everyone has a space for all their clothing and accessories and everyone gets changed in there and it's all in ONE big room! No more transferring laundry to and from everyone's space and . . . I'm shaking with anticipation. Though it might also just be the coffee.

No, it's definitely anticipation, because right now I don't have the space for it and we are not planning to be here in this house forever. And my washer is broken. So no laundry for today! hahahaha!
Some days are just awesome. Today is awesome. I have HOPE!!!!

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