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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The shopper

Yesterday we were at the babywearing meeting.  It's held at a local children's consignment store.  There is a little play room in one of the rooms in the back.  My kids like that and go entertain themselves while I get to talk about babywearing. 

Violet fell down and hurt her head and came out crying.  I made sure she wasn't bleeding, kissed it and tried to help her move past it.  I looked across the room and spotted a pair of cute fleece pajamas.  So I asked Violet if she wanted to get a new pair of pajamas.  She said no, which was good because they weren't her size anyway.

But Calla kind of got excited.  "Can I get some pajamas?" 

"I don't see any your size."  That was true.  I didn't.

And then I left because Violet was settled down enough now that she could be left in the room for a bit.

Calla apparently went to work because about ten minutes later she showed up with a shirt on a hanger and asked very sweetly if she could get it.  "It's even my size," she said.  Sure enough, it was.

"Maybe."  That's the standard non-committal mom answer you know.

And then about another ten minutes later she emerged again with two little hair clips that matched her shirt.

"Can I get these, too, mom?  They match perfectly."

She was making a good case and being so sweet about it.

In the end, she got her shirt and her hair clips, which cost a total of $4. Carsten got two pairs of pants that he's been needing. And Violet got a dragon fly hair clip. 

Today Calla got all dressed up for school in her new shirt, new hair clips and her size 4 skinny jeans that are long and baggy on her.

She's so cute.  And so proud. 

I love this kid.  I really love this kid.  She's coming along nicely.

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stampman88j said...

....she's a Keeper, that's for sure,going to miss you guys, you are ALL great/cute/splendiferous