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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gone Primal--and apparently it shows!

In the last three days I have gotten at least six "lookin' good, Heidi!" comments. 

I feel like that's a huge deal.  Not because I'm excited that people noticed my behind, but because THEY NOTICED! 

Thank you!  Yes, I have been working at it! 

And one of my new favorite foods is green cabbage and bacon sauteed in bacon grease.  Another one is sweet potato fries--but really they aren't fries.  I just peel the thing, cut it into discs, drown them in olive oil, salt and pepper and bake them until they are almost crispy.  It's kinda like candy.

Today was day four of the 21 day transformation (but I've been at it for nearly 8 weeks) and I realized today that I really don't think I eat nearly as much as I used to.  Not nearly as much.  And food isn't nearly as important as it used to be, either.  One concept that he uses is intermittent fasting.  Just skip a meal because you can.  And really, I can skip a meal, or two, without getting that ravenous feeling I used to get.  Or the headache or the crabbiness.

And check this out.  I've been doing the workouts.  And I've had progress.  Granted, I'm only on level two on most of the exercises and I haven't even attempted a pull up.

The first number is from my first workout on 10/12/11

Push up: 36/30 TODAY: 40/30!

Plank: 60/1:05 TODAY 1:48/1:31

LS Plank 1:22/1:15 TODAY 1:45/1:15

RS Plank 1:10/55 TODAY 1:45/1:15

Squat 30/30 TODAY 45/40

Overhead Press 30/28 TODAY 44/30

These numbers tell me that someday I will be able to do a REAL push up.  And if I stick at it, I might even be able to do a REAL pull up. 
Someday.  Though right now I have no idea how much I've lost, or even where I started.  I guess that happens when the scale is in storage.  But the new jeans I got are starting to get loose enough that I'm hiking them up quite a lot. 
And that wine colored velvet dress in my closet that I've had all these years hoping that someday I might be able to wear it again???  It's looking like I might get to wear it.  Some day.  There's hope.
I feel like there's hope.  Before I found this I just kind of felt like getting old and falling apart and dying of some horrible disease even though I did all the "right" things was inevitable.  Now I feel like I can go live my life and enjoy my health and my husband and my kids and teach them how to do the same and it's all going to be awesome.
I might have gotten the golden ticket and beat the system.  And won the lottery.  And the trip to Hawaii.  And the new car.  All at the same time.
And I don't have to go to meetings.  Or pay any fees.  Or buy anything special. 
All I did was buy a book and read it. 
Can you tell I'm excited?  And honestly, I think I would be just as excited if nobody noticed my shrinking self.  That's just a bonus.
Gone Primal.  Still working it out, but loving it.


Layne said...

I think I want a photo to go with this post.
And I miss you.

stampman88j said...

I say good for you!! It is satisfying when you can notice things happen to your bod and more exciting when OTHER people NOTICE!!

I know the thing about missing a meal...I do it often for supper....just small snacks....

Blessings to you and family