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Friday, July 29, 2011

I love this face

This is the face of my big girl.  


My big girl with curls in her hair from grandma with the white fridge.

My big girl who is losing her sixth tooth.   

My big girl who has her ears pierced now.


My big girl who packs her little brother around like she knows what he needs.

My big girl who went of the diving board at the pool yesterday all by herself.

And then did it a hundred more times.  All by herself.

My big girl who is going to be eight in a few short weeks.  

I love this kid.  I'm proud of this kid.  She's getting so big.  And she's doing a lot of things right.

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micaela said...

all I can add to everything you wrote is that her face definitely points to her living up to her name ♥ There's a peace and maturity in it... Time is sure flying! EIGHT already? Sheeesh, make it stop!!! ;)