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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Casting lessons

Brent invested in a fishing license. He would love to get some fly fishing in this summer. Seems we live in a prime fly fishing area here. And he hasn't really been fly fishing in what seems like forever.

But he has these little girls. And he might love fishing with them just as much as he loves fly fishing. So the other day while he was waiting for us at a sporting goods store, he found a deal on a fishing pole. A pink fishing pole. He said the checker thought (out loud) that it was a fabulous color for him. Really, the man has no shame when it comes to his little girls.

Last night he took Grace and the new pole outside and they had some casting lessons followed by some casting practice.

He doesn't want to cast for her forever I guess.

Violet didn't care to try casting. She was too busy eating sidewalk chalk.

Can you believe that she'll be ONE YEAR OLD next week???? AHHHHHHHHHH!

I brought some watermelon out since I was cutting it up. I had filled up the bowl and still had some left.

That attracted the neighbor kids. And Grace busted out the OTHER pink fishing pole.

I can't say I've ever seen so many boys so excited about a couple of pink fishing poles.

And it only got stuck in the tree once.

But daddy, who claims to have quite a bit of experience getting fishing line stuck in trees, got it out without incident. "That's experience right there," he said. Probably helped that it didn't have a hook on it.

And now I'm taking the girls and going fishing on Friday--we're joining these boys, and their sister and mom, and bringing our pink poles. Should be a good time!

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