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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My privilege

I had a friend come over last week. This particular friend does things like open my fridge and comment on how organized it is. (She also raves about Silly Goose mei tais. Her youngest is 10 months and she told me that he has been in a Silly Goose almost every day since he was born. Most days 2-3 times.)

Anyway, we were talking about the housework battle and she gave me a new perspective. A friend of hers who also has children told her that before children, cleaning was a chore. But now that they have children, it's more of a privilege. I think I looked at her cross-eyed.

But then she went on to explain that with all these kids running around accomplishing something like mopping the floor or cleaning the shower or vacuuming the living room becomes something different. It's worth bragging about when your spouse gets home.

Honey! I cleaned the fridge out today! I mopped the floor! The toilets are clean! The laundry is folded! YAY! YAY! YAY!

I feel like a kid jumping up and down excited about the news of going to grandmas.

She's right. My privilege. Cleaning the house. It feels so good when it's done.

Now I just need to figure the magic formula that makes it STAY done.

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