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Friday, October 17, 2008

More photos of the new DELUX Silly Goose!

One of my testers sent me these photos. She's a big fan of the Classic Silly Goose so I thought she would be a great one to test and compare. Her little one is 14 months and about 20 pounds in the photos.

Here are some of her observations:

. . . very comfortable, and love the way the hood attaches . . . very easy compared to others I've tried

. . . While both are comfortable, I find the Classic is comfier for a front carry, while the new one is more comfy for a back carry.

. . . (strap angle) makes a BIG difference in getting a tighter/snugger carry

. . . I think she liked how her arms could be out easier with this one (she's still such a small thing).

. . . I love having the solid carrier with a pop of fun fabric on the hood. Not sure if this is how you did all of them, but I really dig it.

Thanks Tracey!

(And if you want to see what she does, check out I'm a little partial to her work. Hee hee!)

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Cheetah said...

Oh great, I was hoping you 'd make one with a headrest soon!!!

When will they be available?