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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meet my friend Layne

I had a tie-dye and painting party at my house today. You know, the kind where you invite your friends over for something fun and hope to get some work out of them. I did manage to get work out of them, but tie-dye was much more fun.

Anyway, several of my friends have little kids--well, all of them. And I heard a few times, "Heidi, do you have a carrier I can use?" Well, yes. I have several as a matter of fact. But you don't get the *pretty* ones since there is dye (and hopefully paint) flying around.

Layne's little guy is going to be two at the end of the month. And he was tired and just needed to be held. So I gave her a carrier. And he was happy and she was happy.

Did I mention that in less than three weeks she's due to have twin boys??? I think she looks beyond gorgeous!

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Billye said...

I have to tell you about our trip to Costco on Monday. We were walking around and met a family with 5 boys. The youngest were twins about 5 months old. We visited with them briefly, but kept running into them throughout the store. About the 3rd time the dad said if we meet one more time we get to exchange carts--his was much fuller. We told them no, we did our duty raising four children and now we are enjoying the grandchildren. DH met them one more time at checkout. (I had gone to another area) He offered to buy one of the boys. Well, they weren't in the market to sell--so we came home empty handed.

It is so wonderful to see young families just enjoying each other. It is alot of work, but when they are gone, you can look back with great memories of all of your children. You have something to give that no one else can--the assurance of your love and care. You won't regret it.