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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The four secrets of the perfect s'more

I know. It's after the 4th of July. But there is still plenty of summer left and I sat at our campfire last night (in the back yard--this pregnant mama is not going camping) making the perfect s'mores for our children and decided to share the "secrets" with anyone who is on the quest. Might take a little bit of practice, but soon all your friends and family will be jealous of your mad s'more makin' skills.

First you need the perfect fire--red hot coals, not giant flames.

Second, you need to get your chocolate melting. Put your chocolate on a cracker and put it on a rock by the fire to melt. It will take a bit, but melted chocolate is an absolute necessity to achieving the perfect s'more. If you are one of those sterile people who isn't into putting your cracker on a rock, you're going to have to get over it or find a sterile rock.

Third, your marshmallow must be roasted to perfection. This means it is melted all the way through. No spongy middle or it doesn't squish on there just right. I like mine a golden brown and even go so far as to take the marshmallow off the stick and turn it around to roast the other end if necessary. Some enjoy theirs charred, but I don't.

Fourth, DO NOT put another cracker on top of your marshmallow. Open-face is the way to go for the perfect s'more. That way you aren't squishing all the gooey chocolate and marshmallow all over the place and ending up with two graham crackers that are simply stuck together.

As proof that the perfect s'more may just be the secret to true happiness, I offer two very happy (and quite cute) customers.

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Billye said...

Except for the cracker on top, I would say you got most of your s'more expertise from your mother! That's the way I want mine. Of course your Dad has to have a charred marshmellow--YUK!