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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby names--why is it so difficult??

I think we finally did it. I think we finally decided on a name for this baby. We don't currently know the baby's gender, so we have two names--obviously a girl name and a boy name. It's been interesting. Plus, we aren't HUGE on sharing names before the baby is born. (Though I must confess that I have asked opinions in private out of pure desperation.)

The boy name wasn't too hard. Really, it wasn't. The girl name is the one that's given us trouble from the very beginning. We seem to have established a pattern with the first two and it's getting difficult to keep it up. Plus, there should be a law against naming pets people names. About 4 of the names I would have seriously considered would be shared with dogs I know. I just can't do that.

So, our 4-year-old is also in on the decision. She gets a yay/nay vote, though I'm not convinced it really counts. She's probably more of a pawn between mom and dad. But her reactions have been quite funny. In the car about a month ago I asked her, "What do you think of the name __________ if this baby is a girl?" She literally wrinkled her nose, shook her head slowly while looking at me like I was totally nuts and said, "I don't like it."

I finally narrowed it down for daddy. "These are my top three. You can pick." And the little pawn got a say as well. "What do you think of naming the baby _________ ?" And she says, "Princess ________________." **a pondering pause** "I like it!"

And so did daddy. Though I finally had to ask him pretty blunty to get a straight answer. No, it hasn't been a point of contention, at all. But sometimes mama just has to put her foot down a bit less gently.

Baby, you now have a name. Maybe by the end of next week mama will have the house ready for you to come home. But feel free to make your appearance whenever you are ready.


Ambearluv said...

I hear you on the names. I have three months until my due date and names are not going smoothly. Doesnt help that we also dont want to share the babies name, and since our last name is an object... well, lets just say that I will really like a girl name until I match it up with the last name, and now I have a name that is begging for ridicule in middle school. Soooo hard :) Glad that you finally got a name you both like.

Baby Blog Addict said...

Great post. We just featured it on our parenting site -

I agree with your stance on not sharing the name with others. I actually told a few strangers, but didn't even tell our immediate families. We didn't want to get any wrinkled noses or objections from anyone. It was also a thrill for my husband to walk out and say, "It's a boy and his name is Jack."