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Thursday, April 19, 2012

DUCKS! Day 22

Guest blogger Grace is here again to tell you how her duck project is coming for 4-H


Last night we candled all the eggs and this is what we found.  This is a picture of a clear egg that had nothing growing in it.  Egg #1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 were clear like this one.  We think it wasn't fertilized.

Egg # 2 and 7 had started to grow but then stopped.  This is what they looked like.

This is egg #8!  This is the darkest egg.  It means that a duckling is growing in the egg.  We have watched it growing and each time we candle it the dark spot gets bigger and darker. 

This is a picture of it at seven days. 

We have also seen it move a lot.  But it has been harder to see it move because it is growing a lot. 

We took eggs #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 out because they weren't growing.

Today is day 23 and on day 26 I won't turn the egg any more. If egg 8 hatches, it will hatch on day 28.  We have to keep water in the incubator because it needs moisture to hatch properly.  Tuesday the 24th it will hopefully hatch.

Yesterday we got eight ducklings.  The cutest thing ever is watching them fall asleep.  The black ones are called Black Cayuga Ducks.

The brown ones are Khaki Campbell Ducks.  These are my 4-H project.  We hope they lay eggs and I am going to learn all the parts of a duck and show them at the fair in August. 

I am really excited.  We have never had ducks before.

They even have webbed feet. 

I like to watch them when they waddle.  They also have very small wings and they are not growing feathers as fast as the turkeys and chicks we got.

We started with eight ducks, but one died today.  It was very small and wasn't as active as the others.  Mom said it might die and it did.  But today I got to hold them and I'm really excited to get to hold them a lot and learn to show them.

This week I also am going to show our horse at the fairgrounds.  I am just leading him around.  I have to practice a lot and it's pretty hard.  We went and got a new purple cowgirl shirt, some fancy pants, a fancy belt, and some very fancy boots.  I wore the boots all day today and I'm going to tomorrow, too.  (I don't wear them to bed because I don't want my feet to rot.)

My very fancy boots!

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